Become part of Dentity

Together with us, build a new quality of dental services in Poland.

Get investment and managerial support in the development of your dental center or make a profit and free yourself from the obligations of an entrepreneur. At Dentity, we combine the potential, know-how of local dental companies and the financial capabilities of a large entity to meet the expectations of patients in the field of high-class dental services. We will relieve you in terms of administrative and HR tasks and provide support in the area of marketing and finance. You will regain time and energy to fulfill yourself in accordance with your preferences and take advantage of new business opportunities resulting from being part of Dentity.

We help owners of dental centers

successfully compete with medical corporations
and adapt to market regulations.

Join the network and choose a cooperation model for yourself

Sale of 70% shares

A proposal for the owners who see the potential for further development and increase the scale of their companies’ operations and who have ambitions to build a dental group with us.

How does it work?

In this model, you remain on the Management Board along with the group’s representatives. For 5-7 years, we will develop the network together, and then we exit the investment, realizing maximized profits.

Sale of 100% shares

A proposal for owners who want to focus on improving qualifications and medical activities and / or profit from the sale of a dental center built over the years.

How does it work?

We take over business management and the obligations of the entrepreneur, and you get the opportunity to continue working in the dental center as a doctor under individually agreed conditions.

Open your practice with us

and join as a partner or associate.

  • Together, we find a location, design and open a dental center
  • We find financing and an attractive leasing offer
  • Dentity, with your support, recruits and employs medical staff
  • You work as a medical leader and manager
  • You have an influence on shaping the personnel and pricing policy
  • You work for yourself, for the institution you co-create, not for a corporation
  • From Dentita you get business and management support in areas such as: HR, marketing, finance and purchasing

As a shareholder

  • We operate in a model with a share structure of 70/30, jointly opening new dental centers
  • Financing of the opening and leasing is done with the funds of the partners according to the proportion of shares
  • You receive an attractive salary for your functions, including medical functions
  • You have the opportunity to participate in the profits of the facility and in the increase in value when selling the group to a new investor

As a partner

  • Together with you, we operate in a model based on 100% shares for Dentity
  • Financing of the opening and leasing is done with Dentity’s resources, with your own contribution being small
  • You receive an attractive market remuneration for the functions performed, including medical functions, and an annual bonus on the profit of the facility
  • You have the option to receive an additional bonus based on the profit of the facility when the group is sold to a new investor

Why is it worth?

Benefits for the owners

  • Freeing yourself from administrative and management responsibilities
  • Eliminating the daily stress associated with the role of an entrepreneur
  • Possibility of realization in medical work, thanks to the support of Dentity in all business areas
  • Opportunity to engage in intensifying network development activities and building scale to multiply profits from subsequent sales
  • Sales of surgeries with the possibility of continuing to work in the network as a doctor
  • Participation in creating the largest dental group in Poland

Benefits for surgeries

  • Maintaining the individual character of the dental center and developed medical standards
  • Savings thanks to lower purchase prices of equipment and materials within the Dentity purchasing group
  • Supplementing competence gaps in the areas that require it: marketing, administration, finance, HR activities
  • Acquiring attractive financing and leasing
  • Investments in the development of the facility
  • Raising the reputation of the dental center thanks to cooperation with a modern, recognizable brand on the dental market

Benefits for employees

  • Trainings and courses increasing professional competences
  • Attractive discounts for dental care in the Dentity network
  • Wide opportunities for development in the network and a clear career path
  • Working on modern, high-class equipment

Benefits for patients

  • Access to modern services at the highest level – both in terms of equipment, doctors’ competences and patient service
  • Convenient and time-saving thanks to greater availability of outlets as the network grows
  • A wide range of great dental packages at Dentity Centers

How does the process look like?

The entire process takes from 3 to 5 months, while the initial stage takes only a dozen or so days - see how it works in practice:

Step 1

First contact and sign a confidentiality agreement

for the comfort of both parties to the transaction.

Step 2

Transmission of data for financial analysis

on the basis of which the offer will be prepared.

Step 3

Move on to the next transaction stage,

submitting an offer by the fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we want the doctors cooperating with us to fully fulfill themselves in their medical work and continue to be part of the dental center.

The terms of cooperation will be agreed individually.

No, if you are the owner of the property in which the business is conducted, we will be happy to sign a rental contract with you and the property will be excluded from the transaction.

Our team approaches each valuation individually and reliably, guided by their skills and market knowledge.

The terms and conditions for staff will remain the same as before the sale.

The entire process should not take more than 3-5 months, and its initial stage (signing a confidentiality agreement and valuation) is a matter of several days.

Dentity tries not to change the rules and standards regarding the medical aspects.

In addition to our declarations and a detailed one the presentation, we offer contact to our partners and doctors from institutions that joined our group.

Your question is not on the list - please contact us CONTACT

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