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Consolidation of the dental market is an inevitable process. With Dentity, you can join him on your own terms.

Dentity is a dental group with a new approach to consolidating the dental market. We are a response to the needs of Polish dental service centers, believing that the owners operating on the local market know its specifics and needs best. That is why we are striving to create a network of regionally managed medical facilities, rather than consolidating them centrally. We enable dental centers to use the potential of their unique local know-how. We offer our partners to join the group and enjoy the benefits of being part of a large dental network without changing their visual identity or the way they function in the medical field.

We release from management responsibilities

We focus on developing the network and creating conditions that will allow facility teams to focus on providing the highest standards of patient service.
We take over administrative, HR and accounting tasks without interfering with medical activities and procedures.
Dental centre preserves its individual nature without changes in the area of the brand or the organizational culture.

Dentity Group

We develop regional networks of dental centers

We enable development

no corporate restrictions

We create opportunities for intensive development while maintaining significant autonomy of the centers – without the need to adapt them to corporate procedures. Instead of changing the standards that function perfectly, we want to implement them in other institutions. Our investor support is aimed at regional expansion of the existing networks so that within a few years the group will become one of the largest entities in Poland – and you will be part of it.

Our centers

Currently, most establishments form regional networks in the south of the country and more are quickly joining them. We focus on intensive development so that in the next few years the companies that are part of Dentity will provide dental care to patients all over Poland.

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We offer cooperation to both owners of facilities interested in their further management and development, as well as doctors who want to realize profits and then devote themselves to work with patients or training activities.

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